Become a Pet Service Provider


How it Works

Create Your Profile

Let Pet Owners know who you are, what services you offer and why you would love to provide those services to their pet.

Get Interviewed

You will receive a call from a “Paw Buddies” staff member to go over your profile and answer any questions you may have.

Apply for Jobs

Search for jobs posted by Pet Owners or respond to Pet Owners who contact you about services they require.

Meet and Greet

This is your chance to meet the Pet Owner and their adorable pet. Ask questions and decide if you are a good fit for their pet.

Provide Your Service

It’s time to provide your pet service. Now you can send photos and let the Pet Owner know how it is all going.

Leave a Review

After you have completed the service and the pet has been returned leave a review letting the Pet Owners and others know how it went.

Get Paid

The Pet Owner will leave a review and let us know to pay you.

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