18 Bushfire Affected Areas That Desperately Need Your Help


Not wanting to travel overseas because of coronavirus but still need a break?

Why not help the communities that are still suffering both emotionally and financially from the recent bushfires by booking your holiday in one of the bushfire affected areas?  These areas would really benefit from some tourist dollars and you can see an area of our beautiful country that perhaps you haven’t visited before.

In her article on the effect of the bushfires, Jo Robin wrote: “The knock-on effects of the unprecedented devastation we’ve seen this bushfire season are being felt around the country. Many towns that would usually be buzzing with holiday-goers are instead dealing with lost business, even if they’ve been lucky enough to stay safe from the fires.

Australians are now being encouraged to move holidays from our bucket lists to our to-do lists, swap overseas destinations for local ones, and reschedule abandoned plans in a new campaign to bring tourism – and much-needed revenue – back to communities affected directly and indirectly by bushfires.”

Business owners in the bushfire affected areas need customers.

And it’s not only financial help the people in these areas need.  Just seeing that we are supporting them by having a holiday in their town can lift the spirit of the community and bring back a sense of normality.

18 beautiful areas that you could visit within Australia

Below, we have listed 18 beautiful areas you can visit to help rebuild the bushfire affected communities.  Have a look at the areas in your state and seriously consider going there for a day-trip, a weekend or a holiday.

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Shoalhaven https://www.shoalhaven.com/

Tathra https://www.sapphirecoast.com.au/

Port Macquarie https://portmacquarieinfo.com.au/

Blue Mountains https://www.visitbluemountains.com.au/

Kangaroo Valley https://www.kangaroovalleyescapes.com/

Merimbula https://www.escapetomerimbula.com.au/

Crackenback https://www.lakecrackenback.com.au/

Jervis Bay https://www.jervisbaytourism.com.au/

Berry https://berry.org.au/


Genoa https://www.visiteastgippsland.com.au/

Oxley http://oxley.vic.au/

King Valley https://www.visitkingvalley.com.au/

Bright https://www.visitbright.com.au/

Mallacoota https://visitmallacoota.com.au/


Moreton Bay https://www.visitmoretonbayregion.com.au/

Bundaberg https://www.bundabergregion.org/


Kangaroo Island https://southaustralia.com/places-to-go/kangaroo-island/

Adelaide Hills https://www.adelaidehills.org.au/

Here’s another link that can help you plan your roadtrip https://www.roadtripforgood.org.au/locale/roadtrip-for-good.

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