7 Tips For Choosing The Best Pet Sitter For Your Dog


7 tips for choosing the best pet sitter for your dog – make sure you read this before leaving your dog with any pet sitter.  Enjoying your holiday or not worrying about your dog during your business trip can depend upon who you choose to care for her when you leave her in someone else’s hands.

You need to feel certain that she is in the good, competent and safe hands of someone who loves dogs.  Here are some important tips on how to choose the best pet sitter for your dog.

  1. Does the pet sitter have experience with dogs?

This is very important as they need to not only know how to care for your dog correctly but also how to recognise if there is a problem.  They need to know how to read the signs that indicate that perhaps your dog needs to be checked out by a vet.

  1. Does the pet sitter love your type of dog?

While it is essential that they have experience, that is only part of what your dog needs.  You will feel more comfortable knowing that your dog is in the hands of someone who loves the breed or size of your dog and will give her the attention she needs.

  1. Does the pet sitter have a yard that is secure enough for your dog?

Before even going for a meet and greet you should ask the pet sitter about the security of their home and yard to determine if they sound adequate for your dog.  Ask them the height of their fences at the lowest point and, if they have gates, will they be locked for the duration of your dog’s stay?

At the meet and greet you should view the fences and look closely to be sure there aren’t any gaps.  This might sound unnecessary but some people are so used to seeing their fences as they are that they don’t even notice gaps.  Also check that there aren’t any launching pads that your dog can use to jump on and then over the fence.

  1. Will your dog have adequate company and access to similar areas of the house as at home?

Most dogs will adjust to a different environment but it certainly won’t work for most dogs if they are used to being inside and then are suddenly left outside for the majority of the day.

It could also cause issues if your dog is used to having company for most of the day and then is left on her own for eight hours straight.

  1. Can the pet sitter walk your dog as much as he needs?

Walkies – one of the favourite times of day for most dogs.

Check that the pet sitter will be willing to walk your dog for the required amount of time to keep him happy and de-energised so that he isn’t tempted to get up to mischief.

  1. Will the pet sitter feed your dog the correct food?

Ideally, it is better if you can provide the food that your dog usually eats at home.  This eliminates the potential of an upset tummy through change of diet.

The pet sitter should only feed your dog the food that you have provided however, if your dog has any dietary issues, you should ensure that the pet sitter knows this.  We recommend that you put this in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.

  1. Does the pet sitter have public liability insurance?

And, last but certainly not least, check that the pet sitter has public liability insurance.

Not only does this cover veterinary costs should your dog suffer any illness or accident for which the pet sitter is liable, but it also indicates that you are dealing with someone who is professional.

Pawfect Match Service – we find the best pet sitter for you

If you want a more personalised service where we actually talk with you on the phone and match your dog with the most suitable pet sitter then you should use our Pawfect Match service.  You will also have our reassurance that the pet sitter has been thoroughly vetted and that their home and yard have been visited and approved by us.

DIY Service – you search for the best pet sitter

If you would prefer to perform your own search through a list of vetted pet sitters who have been approved by us then our DIY Service would suit you better.

It is important to be aware that, at “Paw Buddies”, we only approve 1 in 10 of the people who register on the DIY Service.  We have been providing professional pet care for over 26 years and are committed to ensuring that we have quality advertisers on our site who have experience with pets rather than allowing everyone who enquires to look after pets.

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