Dog Training Rewards Your Dog Would Do ANYTHING For!


If you are finding your dog difficult to train perhaps you need to look at what type of dog training rewards are you using?   If your dog doesn’t get any reward at all then he may not be motivated to do what your are asking him to do.  If it’s a reward that he doesn’t like very much then reward based training just won’t work.

Think about why your dog would be willing to work for treats that aren’t enticing. Normal dog food usually isn’t a good enough treat for training… it can be for some dogs who are very food oriented, like my Labrador, but maybe not your dog!

So how do you choose dog training rewards that your dog will be willing to do anything for? A treat that is enticing enough to keep him from wanting to ditch training and play with another dog rather than working on his sit/stay with you?

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Use dog training rewards your dog will be happy to work for…

ONLY use treats that your dog absolutely loves and the best time to do this is when your dog is HUNGRY – normally just before mealtime.

Increasing your dog’s hunger before starting a training session so that he’s more motivated by food rewards is a well-proven way to gain his complete attention during training.  Some treats are too dry while others are too hard and tasteless and not rewarding enough for a dog to perform tasks that he doesn’t want to.

Another tip is, when in doubt use meat!  Small treats of mince or any other sort of meat or sausage or some dried liver are the best types of treats that will help to get your dog to focus on only ONE thing… how to do what is necessary to get some of that meat that he knows you have!

If you want to get your dog really motivated by treats, it needs to be something that he thinks is amazing and totally irresistible!

The number of treats to give your dog when training depends on the difficulty of the action you are training him to do.  It also depends on the way your dog responds.  Some dogs require a treat every few seconds in order to maintain their attention while others are more willing to comply with fewer dog training rewards.

Training takes consistency, patience, time and some delicious treats but is well worth it.  A well-trained dog is easier to take to dog parks and is more welcome in friend’s and family member’s homes as well as in the homes of “Paw Buddies” Pet Service Providers when you need your pooch minded when going away.

What if dog training rewards don’t work for your dog…

But what if you are using a delectable dog training reward and have made sure you’re doing the training just before meal time so that he’s nice and hungry but you just can’t get him to focus on the food and perform the required actions.

Maybe he just doesn’t seem interested in the reward or maybe he’s regularly distracted by other interesting things he’d rather be doing.

This could be other dogs in the park where you’re conducting your training or it could be kids nearby on a playground or a car driving by that he’s desperate to chase after.

Don’t fret, this type of behaviour can be overcome as well.  We’ll be posting more information on this is a future post.

We hope this information helps to make training your dog more fun!

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