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Jenny Brearley

Jenny Brearley

It seems like only yesterday I was looking for a boarding kennel alternative for my dog, Sophie. That’s when I started “Paw Buddies“ in 1993. Since then we have helped over 12,000 dogs and their owners enjoy their holidays.

Margaret Ash

Margaret Ash

Margaret has been doing a wonderful job matching fur-clients with caring minders since 2012, ensuring all parties are happy!

Brent Carter

Brent joined the “Paw Buddies” family in 2005 after many years in the marketing industry and now owns and manages north and south east Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. Brent and husband Paul have a band of adoring staffies who accompany them to the office every day to assist in any way they can (usually by sleeping under the desks)

Tony Holmes

Tony Holmans

Tony has been with “Paw Buddies” since 2011. Tony likes nothing more than finding a lovely family home for your dog to stay while you’re away on holidays. Gracie, the family Pug, spends most of her day asleep by Tony’s side or following him from room to room. Tony loves spending time with family and friends or simply curled up on the coach with his favourite pooch along with any visiting fur-friends.

Carole Ciechanowicz

Carole has been with “Paw Buddies” since 2009. She manages our ACT and Newcastle areas, after previously owning and managing a “Paw Buddies” franchise. She has the pleasure of being mum to 2 rescue dogs, a rescue cat and some lovely chooks. She is also a minder for “Paw Buddies” having welcomed many visiting doggies into her home during the years she has been with us as well as visiting pets in their own homes.

Jenny Crompton

Jenny has enjoyed working with “Paw Buddies”since 2013. A highlight for her is when a minder sends in a photo or feedback of their four legged boarder having a good time at their home away from home!