How Does It All Work?

“Paw Buddies” is a proudly Australian owned company that has been an industry leader in safe and professional care for pets since 1993. For more than a quarter of a century “Paw Buddies” has given Pet Owners the ability to connect with, and easily book, verified and insured Pet Care throughout Australia. From any internet connected device you can ensure the best care for your pets.

The following describes the steps that you and the Pet Owner go through from the creation of a Booking or Job to your payment at completion.

  1. Create a profile for yourself and the services you offer
  2. A Pet Owner will either:

Add a Booking

A Pet Owner will search for and select a Pet Service Provider and then enter a Booking request. The Pet Service Provider has the option to accept the Booking request or decline it.


 Post a Job 

A Pet Owner can also Post a Job so that Pet Service Providers come to them. When a Pet Owner posts a Job they are requesting for any available Pet Service Providers to apply for the Job they have raised at the rate they are offering.  Once they have accepted a Pet Service Provider for the Job

  1. Payment by the Pet Owner

Once a Booking or Job has been agreed upon by both parties payment is then required from the Pet Owner – a 10% deposit if the Booking/Job starts in more than 14 days or full payment. Payment of a Booking activates the insurance coverage.

  1. Meet & Greet 

For care where a pet is going to stay at the Pet Service Provider’s home or where the Pet Service Provider is going to be going to the Pet Owner’s home, whether on Home Visits or to Housesit, a Meet & Greet is a vital step to ensure everyone is comfortable with the arrangement, that the pet is compatible with the Pet Services Provider and, if boarding in the Pet Service Provider’s home, with the Pet Service Provider’s pets and property.

  1. Booking/Job Start Date

The Pet Owner and Pet Service Provider will agree on a start time and other arrangements for the Booking or Job.  So, either the pet will be delivered to the Pet Service Provider or the Pet Service Provider will collect the pet. The Pet Service Provider will help give the Pet Owner peace of mind with regular photo and text updates.

  1. Completion & Review

Once the Booking or Job has completed be sure to write a review so that the Pet Owner knows how it all went.

  1. Your Payment

At the completion of the Booking we remind the Pet Owner to approve your payment.  If they fail to do this is will automatically be released for payment after 7 days.  The Pet Owner also has the option to decline payment if they are unhappy with your service. At this point the “Paw Buddies” customer service team will assist both parties to come to an agreement.

As we have been operating since 1993, we have a lot of experience in assessing people wishing to mind pets.  Using this experience, we have put the following in place:

Basic Identity Checks

We ensure the person’s full name matches their Facebook profile and we validate the following:

  • email address
  • mobile phone number
  • address

We inspect the photographs that the Pet Service Provider uploads so that we can assess the standard they intend to provide and can also ensure that Pet Owners are clearly shown what they need to see in order to make an informed decision for their pet.

Personal Verification

Unlike any other online site, we personally speak with every potential new Pet Service Provider on our site so that we can assess their attitude and intentions.

Proof of Qualifications

If the person has been providing either a Pet Training or Grooming service in the past, we request proof of their qualifications.

We request Drivers Licences and National Crime Checks for some services

  • People offering Housesitting or Home Visit Services are not able to accept bookings for those services until we have received a clear, current National Crime Check certificate.
  • People offering Pet Taxi services must upload a current, valid Australian Drivers licence as well as photographs of their vehicle before they are able to accept bookings for that service.

All initial contact will be done via the “Paw Buddies” Portal messaging system. You will receive emails and text messages (if you tick the box to say you want SMS notifications) alerting you to actions happening to your Bookings and Jobs.

You can join as an individual, (i.e. under your own name, not your business name) but we don’t allow company websites to be listed. This helps to keep everything on a level playing field for all Pet Service Providers.

“Paw Buddies” has been helping to place pets in the care of pet sitters for over a quarter of a century. Our years in the industry and experience gained from this are surpassed by none.

We value our Pet Service Providers and, as such, offer the lowest service fee in Australia to our Pet Service Providers which means that you earn more per Booking/Job with us than with any other pet portal. Our up to date, user friendly, booking system ensures you are always on top of your bookings and it also helps you to get noticed by Pet Owners looking for care for their pets.

“Paw Buddies” offers you your very own page. This is your listing.

It is your opportunity to provide information that demonstrates to Pet Owners why they should choose you for their pets.  You can upload photos and videos so that Pet Owners can see you and, if you are minding pets in your home, the areas where their pets will have access.

Your listing is also where you tell Pet Owners what badges you have earned, which services you offer, what your rates are for each service and what dates you are not available.

Another very important area of your listing is all the wonderful reviews from other Pet Owners!

Absolutely! In order to do this you do need to set up two accounts which keeps it nice and simple for you.  You can use the same mobile number for both accounts but you will need to use different email addresses.  If you only have one email address you can easily set up a gmail account to create a second email address.

On the account that you want to use the service for your pets in My Account Details > Personal Details you should select

  • Are you looking for pet care services? (Pet Owner)

On the account that you want to have a wonderful time providing care for other people’s pets in My Account Details > Personal Details you should select

  • Are you offering pet care services? (Pet Service Provider)

The types of pet care services that you can offer are:

  • pet boarding (overnight or day care) in your home
  • home visits (visiting pets in their own home)
  • house sitting
  • dog walking
  • pet taxi
  • pet grooming (you do need to have qualifications for pet grooming)
  • pet training (you do need to have qualifications for pet training)
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