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The considerations for a person providing any type of care for pets is the risk of a pet escaping or damaging a third party’s property or even injuring a person e.g. a dog in your care as a Pet Sitter or Pet Taxi or any other service escapes and causes a person in the street to fall over and injure themselves. No matter what precautions you take, accidents can happen and the costs can add up.

“Paw Buddies” has been providing boarding for dogs since 1993 so we understand how important public liability insurance is.  That is why we have arranged for Pet Service Providers to be covered.  As we only take on fully-qualified pet trainers and pet groomers we are sure they will already have their own insurance in place so they are not covered by our insurance.

If you are deemed to be negligent for any of the following you will be covered by our insurance:

  • The pet in your care escapes and is not recovered or is killed
  • The pet in your care is injured and requires veterinary care
  • Whilst looking after the pet it causes death or injury to a member of the general public
  • The pet causes damage to the property of a third party

General overview of the insurance

$10 million – Public Liability – for any one occurrence and in the annual aggregate;

$500 thousand – Care, Custody & Control – for any one loss and in the annual aggregate.

Public Liability: this covers your legal legal liability for injury to third persons and for damage to property of third persons caused by a pet under your care or custody.

Care, Custody, Control: this covers you for physical loss to pet owners whilst their pets are under your physical control or possession.

An excess of $350 is required by the Pet Sitter in the event of a successful claim whether the Pet Sitter is at fault or otherwise

Important notes

  1.  the insurance will only cover Bookings and Jobs that have been booked via the “Paw Buddies” site.
  2. the insurance will only cover Bookings and Jobs that have been paid in full via the “Paw Buddies” site before the commencement of the Booking or Job.
  3. Pet Insurance taken out by the Pet Owner is not the same as public liability insurance and will not cover you for any of the above.
  4. “Paw Buddies” insurance is secondary to any insurance you or the Pet Owner may already have.
  5. All claims must be received within thirty (30) days of the incident and within seven (7) days of the end of the booking/job, whichever is the soonest.

Insurance is a necessary protection for you however, what is most important, is that you always ensure that each pet in your care cannot escape or injure itself or anyone else.

Important Notice

Please note: the above is a summary of the “Paw Buddies” third party liability insurance policy ONLY. Nothing contained herein is general or personal advice. Furthermore, it is declared and agreed that nothing contained in this summary should be understood to be an express or implied condition, term or exclusion which forms part of the Insurer Policy terms and conditions or be relied upon in the event of a claim.

Please contact “Paw Buddies” for information as to the specific coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions afforded by the Insurer in the event of an incident, occurrence or claim. Please also note that each claim is subject to an excess payable by the Pet Service Provider – full details of the Policy, its coverage and exclusions including the applicable excess details are available on request by the user.

As we only take on fully-qualified Pet Trainers and Pet Groomers, it is a requirement that they have their own insurance in place which means they are NOT covered by our insurance.

Pet Trainers must upload a Certificate of Currency for both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Pet Groomers much upload a Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance.

The types of pets that are covered by the insurance are:

  • domestic dogs
  • cats
  • fish
  • birds
  • rabbits
  • guinea pigs
  • mice
  • rats
  • ferrets
  • poultry
  • domestic pigs

Please be aware that no other pet types will be covered by the insurance and you would be taking on a booking/job for any other pet type at your own risk.

Dogs that have been declared as dangerous by the relevant authority in your state or territory will not be covered by insurance.

The insurance does NOT cover the following:

  • Property damage to the Pet Service Provider’s property
  • Personal injury caused by the Pet to the Pet Service Provider or the Pet Service Provider’s family
  • Claims for any pet types other than those listed in “What types of pet are covered by the insurance
  • Claims involving “Exotic Animals”
  • Claims arising out of the care of Dangerous Dogs (dogs that have been declared as dangerous by the relevant authority in a state or territory)
  • Reduction in the potential value of any Pet with perceived “stud” or “show” value.
  • Commercially run boarding kennels or stud farms
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

The insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.

If the Pet Owner is going overseas you should ask them to set up an account with their own vet as well as with the 24 hour emergency vet that is nearest to you.  Ask them to provide both veterinary clinics with a limit of what monetary value of care they authorise in the event that they cannot be contacted.  This is important so that the veterinary care is paid for directly by the Pet Owner and you don’t have any problems collecting any money from them upon their return.  Most Pet Owners are very good at reimbursing though there are some who are not.

If the Pet Owner is going to be within Australia and contactable then the veterinary clinic will be able to contact them and arrange payment over the phone.

If the Pet Owner fails to set up the arrangements above or is not contactable the veterinary clinic will request you to cover the costs so it is important to have all this in place before the Pet Owner goes away.

The insurance does not cover damage to your property or the property of any other resident of the property.  While you can be very careful and keep items out of reach sometimes other family members forget or you have a pet in your care who is an expert at reaching items that you think you have placed well out of their reach.

You can approach the Pet Owner and ask them if they would consider reimbursing you for the damage.  It is important to do the following:

  • take photos that clearly show the damage
  • get at least two quotes to fix the damage or take copies of receipts if it is something that you can fix yourself
  • use the Chat function to upload the photos and the quotes for repair to the Pet Owner and explain to them how it happened. Be polite and respectful in all correspondence.

Most Pet Owners will be mortified and immediately offer to reimburse you.  Others will not see it as their problem.

We strongly suggest that, if you mind dogs in your home, you train all family members to always put shoes away as these are a delicacy for some dogs and can be a very expensive loss for you.

Claims must be received within thirty (30) days of the incident and within seven (7) days of the end of the booking/job, whichever is the soonest.  All of the following must be sent to your Pawsome Support Heroes:

  1. Completed claim form – click here to download the form.
  2. Attach any photos.
  3. Attach receipts and invoices.

Claims are dependent on them being approved by the insurer.  Remember that there is an excess payable on all claims and you are required to pay a portion of $550 of the excess.

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