Joining “Paw Buddies”

Above all else, a Pet Service Provider ensures the safety and wellbeing of the pets in their care.

A Pet Service Provider will also:

  • Maintain clear, constant communication with the Pet Owner.
  • Follow applicable legislation and duty of care requirements
  • Fulfill the requests that have been agreed with the Pet Owner

Consider this before taking the plunge:

  • Do I hanker for the company of pets?
  • What types of services do I want to offer?
  • Would I enjoy the duties required of the service I am offering?  Depending on the service/s you are offering it could involve washing dogs, driving pets to and from, brushing, walking, cleaning litter trays, daily photo updates, picking up poop!
  • Am I physically able to care for pets?
  • Does my lifestyle allow me the time and energy required to attend to not only the pets but the Pet Owners and the administrative side of the business?
  • If offering pet boarding is my property safe, fully fenced, escape-proof for pets?
  • Are my own pets socialised and compatible with other pets?
  • Would everyone in my household be happy to have visiting guest pets?
  • Am I reliable, mature and committed enough to take on such a role?

To fit the role you need:

  • Above all, a love of and experience with the animals for whom you are offering your service.
  • To be able to communicate well with the Pet Owners in a friendly and outgoing manner.
  • To be reliable and be available for the dates and times that have been agreed with the Pet Owner.
  • Flexibility should things change.
  • To be 100% trustworthy. You will have the life of a loved one in your charge.
  • A clean, secure and safe environment if you are to take on boarding a pet.
  • Common sense by the bucket load.
  • To be able to keep your head in an emergency. Take control of the situation.
  • To have quick response time when an enquiry comes in.
  • Be able to judge when a pet may be in need of medical attention. It is not always obvious.
  • To be honest, trustworthy and loyal in ensuring Pet Owners that have come to you through the “Paw Buddies” portal continue to use the portal for all

All Pet Services Providers MUST BE 18 Years or older to register with “Paw Buddies”

However, for Pet Services Providers younger than 18 years, still living at home with their parents, one of their parents should register as the Pet Service Provider.

You can then explain, in your profile, that you are working together but that the parent will be taking responsibility and supervising the under 18-year old.  The parent will need to upload their proof of ID in the Badges & Qualifications section.

Membership with “Don’t Fret Pet” is FREE!

“Paw Buddies” also has the lowest % service fee in Australia. Our minimal 15% fee on your bookings (which is less than the other portals who charge 18-20%) helps to maintain the running of “Paw Buddies” and the tools of your business. Things like….

  • Insurance
  • App development
  • Administration Support Team
  • Banking facilities i.e. credit card and PayPal fees
  • Website Development
  • Marketing your business.

Yes, “Paw Buddies” charges a minimal service fee which is a percentage of the total of the Booking/Job fee. Currently, this percentage is the lowest of all the pet portals in the industry at 15%.  This means that you earn more on every Booking or Job that you service.

The more visual you can be, the more confident the Pet Owner will be with leaving their pet’s welfare in your hands.

Be sure to have a clear picture of yourself, no sunnies or hats covering your face. Upload a video showing the amazing care you take with pets. If you are boarding pets in your home include relevant areas of your home in the video.

If a Pet Owner can see the rapport you have with pets, they are far more likely to select you than a Pet Service Provider with no pictures or videos of themselves.

Unfortunately, not.

Whilst we are not requiring Pet Service Providers to have a degree in Companion Animals Studies, we do require all Pet Service Providers to have a certain amount of experience in understanding, handling and caring for pets.

“Paw Buddies” offers Pet Owners peace of mind that their pet will be well cared for. A person with no previous experience with pets, no matter how strong their love of animals might be, would not have the knowledge to accomplish this.

Absolutely, you are able to see a photo and details about the pet in the Booking before accepting it and in each Job before applying for them.

Yes, you can offer Home Visiting or House Sitting services (or both).

If you wish to offer either of these services to a Pet Owner you will need to add them to your Services & Rates. This is done via your Dashboard at #7, ‘Services & Rates’.

To qualify for either of these services you will need a current, clear, National Crime Check certificate. If you do not hold a National Crime Check/Police Background Check certificate you can easily apply for one online via your Dashboard at #9 Badges & Qualifications under Police Check Verified.

To be able to access the “Paw Buddies” online platform a verified mobile number and email address is required. This is so Pet Owners can connect with you for phone calls, text messages and/or emails.

  • Your mobile and email will be verified at the point of you creating your “Paw Buddies” Profile.  You can also nominate if you want to receive text notifications of Bookings and Jobs on your mobile.
  • In order to verify your mobile, you will receive a text with a 6 digit One Time Password (OTP) that will need to be entered into the verification box in your profile.
  • Similarly, your email address will sent an email with a verification link for you to click to verify that this is your correct email address.

If you do not receive the verification text or email check your mobile number and/or your email address is entered correctly. If incorrect, edit and then click on ‘Resend’ to receive a new code or link.

Alternatively, you may not have SMS enabled on your mobile account. Contact your provider to have it enabled.

Deciding to care for a pet with an unknown history does create additional concerns of safety if you have a small child in the household.

The statistics are high around dog bites to children and supervision of any dog and children, particularly those under 5 years of age, needs to be 100% of the time.

There are a number of possible reasons why a dog may bite a child:

  • A child has inadvertently provoked the dog (e.g. invading the dog’s safe space, hugging, laying on the dog)
  • The dog may be old and cranky and not used to the activity and noise children can make. It may have little or no patience for children.
  • The dog may be injured or sore to touch in certain spots.
  • The child has done something to provoke or frighten the dog (e.g., hugging the dog, moving into the dog’s space, leaning or stepping over the dog, trying to take something from the dog).
  • The dog is in protection mode and sees the child as a threat.

There are many scenarios that may end in a dog biting to protect itself. A young child is not able to read the signs to avoid upsetting the dog.

Yes, you can offer House Sitting to Pet Owners whereby you stay in the Pet Owner’s home caring for home and pets while the Pet Owner is away.

If you wish to offer this service to a Pet Owner you will need to add it to your Services & Rates. This is done via your Dashboard at #7, ‘Services & Rates’.

To qualify to offer the House Sitting service you will need a current, clear National Crime Check certificate. If you do not hold a National Crime Check/Police Background Check certificate you can easily apply for one online via your Dashboard at #9 Badges & Qualifications under Police Check Verified.

Providing your Body Corporate specifically allows pets in the complex then, yes, you can have pets come to stay in your apartment.  We may request proof of this clause in the Strata documents before approving your application to be a Pet Service Provider.

Yes, however, you will need, in writing, permission from your landlord to have guest pets. We may request proof of this permission before approving your application to be a Pet Service Provider.

Yes, there are many services Pet Owner’s require besides Pet Boarding in your home.

Services offered are:

  • House Sitting (where you stay in the Pet Owner’s Home)
  • Home Visiting (where you visit the pet in their own home)
  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Taxi
  • Pet Training (qualifications required)
  • Pet Grooming (qualifications required)

Yes, however, there are strict rules and considerations to be adhered to.  Your existing business must not be included in your profile, either by way of its name, logo or website. You will be registered on the “Paw Buddies” portal as an individual and as such your personal photo must still be included in your profile.

Check that your insurance covers your activities as, being an existing business, the insurance for “Paw Buddies” will not cover Bookings and Jobs acquired through our portal.

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