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Please note this is a summary of the “Paw Buddies” third-party liability insurance policy ONLY. Nothing contained herein is general or personal advice. Furthermore, it is declared and agreed that nothing contained in this summary should be understood to be an express or implied condition, term or exclusion which forms part of the Insurer Policy terms and conditions or be relied upon in the event of a Claim. Please contact “Don’t Fret Pet” for access to the Insurance Policy Schedule and/or Policy Wording for information as to the specific coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions afforded by the Insurer in the event of an incident, occurrence or Claim. Please also note that each Claim is subject to an Excess payable – full details of the Policy, its coverage and exclusions including the applicable excess details are available on request.


Capitalised words in this policy document are defined in the “Paw Buddies” Terms of Service document.


“Paw Buddies” is concerned for the safety and welfare of Owners, Pet Service Providers and Pets. Under Australian law owners and carers of pets have a duty of care relating to the actions of the pets in their control.

“Paw Buddies” has a Liability Insurance policy for Bookings that are made and paid through the Portal. Public Liability Insurance covers Pet Service Providers for liability to pay compensation to a third party for damage to property or personal injury as a result of the Pet Service Provider’s negligence whilst the Pet is under the Pet Service Provider’s care. Certain injuries or accidents that occur to the Pet during the Booking are also covered by this Insurance. Insurance Services are not designed to cover the actions of Owners.

Please note the following:

  • Insurance coverage is contingent upon liability arising from a fully paid Booking where the service has commenced;
  • Insurance cover according to these terms is also always secondary to any relevant insurance you or the Owner may already have.


The Insurance Policy held by “Paw Buddies” has cover that includes services provided by Pet Service Providers to Owners such as:

  • pet boarding;
  • home visiting services;
  • house sitting;
  • dog walking;
  • pet taxi services;

which relate to a fully paid Booking where the service has commenced;


Subject to all other policy terms and conditions, it is important to understand that the insurance does not cover the Pet Service Provider for, including but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  1. Damage caused by a Pet to the Pet Service Provider’s personal or real property. This applies to the personal property of all persons living in the same household as the Pet Service Provider;
  2. If the Services are being provided at the Owner’s home, any damage caused by the Pet to the Owner’s personal or real property;
  3. Bodily harm or physical injuries to the Pet Service Provider, their family or any other person or animal living in the same household caused by the Pet;
  4. Pets involved in a previous attack with another animal or human that required medical treatment;
  5. Treatment of pre-existing veterinary conditions, illness, old age or flea/tick situations. If a Pet has or had any condition, whether diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian or not, before, during or after the Service, it is considered pre-existing. Any symptoms that are found to be related to stress/anxiety are also considered to be pre-existing as this condition is inherently present depending on each Pet;
  6. Any self-inflicted wounds that are caused by itching, scratching, biting, gnawing, etc. due to allergies or any other type of pre-existing condition;
  7. Any council or statutory fines related to the Pet running away whilst under the care of the Pet Service Provider;
  8. Reduction in Value: this policy does not cover for the ‘value’ of any Pet’s ‘show’ value or damage to pedigree of any kind;
  9. Illegal acts;
  10. Breach of professional duty, such as not following the reasonable direction of “Paw Buddies” relating to the provision of Services.

Additional Details

All Claims by the Pet Service Provider are subject to a $350 excess payable by the Pet Service Provider. The Pet Service Provider is responsible for, and irrevocably indemnifies “Paw Buddies” against, any costs, expenses and liabilities incurred by “Paw Buddies” in relation to any claim under the Insurance Services in connection with that Pet Service Provider’s Booking.

If You believe that any incident is covered under the Insurance Services, You must provide “Paw Buddies” with written notice of the incident, along with all material documentation available to You no later than seven (7) days after the occurrence of the incident under the relevant Booking. We can request any further information relating to the incident.

“Paw Buddies” will in good faith decide whether or not the User has complied with these Terms in determining whether the User may be eligible under the Insurance Services.

“Paw Buddies” reserves the right to modify or terminate the Insurance Services, at any time, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice.