Dog Walking

It is so simple…

1. Search for a Dog Walker

Create a profile for your pet then search through our wonderful choice of Dog Walkers in your area

Make a booking

2. Make Your Dog Walker

Arrange a meet & greet with your selected Dog Walker to ensure they are a perfect match for your beloved pet

Ready to go

3. Ready to Go

Prepare your dog so they are ready when your Dog Walker arrives for their walking session

Are you worried because you just don’t have time to walk your dog but you know how much he or she enjoys it?

Dog Walking Services

Don’t fret! At “Paw Buddies” you can find local dog walkers who can take your dog for a walk. You discuss with your dog walker the length of walk required and the frequency of walks.


Regular dog walking is necessary for your dog’s health – both mental and physical! Most dogs have to be walked at least once a day for 30 minutes. Very active dogs require more. The breed of your dog will determine how long and how intensive a walk should be. You can find and book suitable and reliable dog walkers for at least half an hour online through “Paw Buddies”.

Arrange for a meet and greet beforehand so that you can be sure the dog walker is right for your dog and that you are totally happy with them.

Search our web site for a dog walker in your area. There are walkers in all capital cities as well as many regional areas.

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