House Sitting

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2. Meet Your House Sitter

Arrange a meet & greet with your selected House Sitter to ensure they are a perfect match for your beloved pet

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3. Ready to Go

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Need care for your pets and your home?

House and Pet Sitters

House sitting means that a house sitter stays at your house and takes care of your pet or pets and your home while you are away.

Do you have lots of pets which makes it impractical, and very costly, to board them all?

Or perhaps it won’t work for your pets to just have one or two short visits a day.

Or maybe your pets become stressed if they are moved from their usual environment.

For added security, do you want your house to look “lived in” while you’re away? The house sitter can empty the letter box, water the plants, open and close blinds or curtains and have lights on during the evening so that it is obvious that someone is “home”.

Having a house sitter come to live in your home when you are away could be the perfect solution for you.

Most importantly, you meet the house sitter in advance to be sure that you are totally happy with them and you can feel comfortable knowing that all “Paw Buddies” house sitters have had police background checks.