Trust & Safety

The safety of Pet Service Providers, Pet Owners and their pets is very important to us and we have developed a service, using our many years of experience in the pet industry (caring for pets and pet sitters since 1993), that does the utmost to protect it.

You can feel confident that you are in safe hands when you use the “Paw Buddies” web site as we have booked holidays for the dogs of over 24,000 dog owners since we commenced operating in 1993. We have used our many years of experience to set up a system that is totally geared towards the safety of pet service providers, pet owners and their lovely pets.

We are the only service that speaks with every applicant who would like to advertise their service on our site and use this interaction to ascertain if they are the right type of person with the right skills.

We have the following in place to help to keep you as safe as possible:

  • Pet owners must upload a clear photo of their pet
  • Pet owners are required to provide their email address which we validate
  • Pet owners must provide their mobile phone number which we also validate
  • Pet owners must advise you if their dog has been declared dangerous by a council
  • We cover you with public liability insurance on all bookings that are paid for via the “Paw Buddies” website so that, should anything happen to the pet, you are covered.

Here are some steps that we advise that you take to ensure your own safety:

  1. Choose bookings wisely – It is very important that you have adequate experience with the type of pet for which you accept a booking.
  2. Meet and Greets – if the service your offer requires meet and greets to be conducted it’s highly recommended that you let your neighbours know that you are expecting someone to visit or arrange to have a friend with you. Always remember to trust your intuition.
  3. Checklists – if you are a pet sitter or housesitter it’s your responsibility to ensure you obtain contact numbers for the pet’s owner when they are away as well as a number for their emergency contact who is not travelling with them, vet contact numbers, feeding details and details about the pet’s routine. Make sure the pet owner has added it all on their pet’s profile
  4. Be protected by our insurance cover – as long as the pet owner pays through the “Paw Buddies” payment system you will be covered by our public liability insurance. What this means is that if anything happens to a pet you are caring for YOU will be covered for liability.
  5. Keep learning – the more you learn about pets the better care you can provide and the more bookings you will receive so keep educating yourself about the types of pets you prefer to care for.

We take a number of steps to keep you and your pet as safe as possible. It is mandatory for all Pet Service Providers to:

  • upload a clear profile photo of themselves
  • provide their address which is validated on Google maps.

We also encourage all Pet Service Providers to upload a video so that you can “meet” a number of them before deciding who you would most like to contact. We recommend that pet sitters who mind in their own home include a brief tour of their home and yard.

“Paw Buddies” validates every Pet Service Provider’s:

  • email address
  • mobile phone number

Pet Sitters and Housesitters must have a clear and recent national police background check if they will have access to inside your home.

Pet Service Providers who are offering a Pet Taxi service must upload a current driver’s licence to “Paw Buddies” as a mandatory registration requirement for offering this service as well as photos of their vehicle.

Groomers and trainers must upload relevant certificates so that we can be sure they are qualified.

Here are some steps that we advise that you take to ensure the safety of your pets:

  1. Read the Pet Service Provider’s profile carefully. Use this information to create a shortlist of suitable providers. Make sure they have the experience or capability to take care of your pet.
  2. Engage in online communication with the Pet Service Provider and ask questions about their experience and suitability for your pet.
  3. Safety of your Pet –upload an up-to-date profile picture of your pet as this can be used for facial recognition on should there be any escape issues. In fact, we recommend that you upload a photo to anyway so that the information is already there if he or she is ever lost at any time.
  4. Public Liability Insurance – make sure that you pay through the “Paw Buddies” payment system so that your pet is covered for the duration of your booking.
  5. Managing your pet – be sure that the Pet Service Provider can manage your pet. If they can’t do this, then maybe it’s not the right match.
  6. If your pet is staying in the home of a pet sitter:
    • The Meet and Greet – if you are arranging the essential meet and greet we recommend that you take a friend along.
    • Ensure the property is safe for your pet – if your pet is staying in the home of a pet sitter make sure their property is escape-proof for your pet’s tendencies and capabilities.
  7. If you are engaging a pet sitter or housesitter:
    • A check list is essential –you must provide the sitter with your contact details, phone number of an emergency contact, your vet’s contact number, a dietary checklist and details of your pet’s routine. Ensure that, at the meet and greet, you discuss spend limits for any veterinary treatment.
    • The Meet and Greet – if you are arranging the essential meet and greet we recommend that you have someone with you for that meeting.
  • All pets booked through “Paw Buddies” are covered by public liability insurance.
  • We ask you to provide details on your pet’s health, habits and identity so that, in the event of illness, accident or escape, the Pet Service Provider is aware of what to do and who to contact.
  • Certain aggressive breeds and all council declared dangerous dogs are prevented from using our service.
  • Any pet sitter who has had a dog with parvovirus is not allowed to care for any dogs.
  • We limit the number of pets that pet sitters are allowed to book at their property and encourage every sitter to be aware of their local council by-laws.
  • We provide a checklist to help guide pet sitters to understand standards of care.
  • We provide Pet Service Providers with a wealth of information on caring for pets.